Underground Water Leak Detection in Newport, Kentucky

I received a call from Phyllis, a realtor and property manager in Newport, Kentucky. She and her husband, Joe, own multiple commercial properties and this was the first time they had a water service leak. Their water bill had gone up considerably and they needed to have the underground water leak detection performed ASAP! I

Are leak detection inspections important for your next home?

At Reliable Leak Detection, I get called out to a good number of homes that have been recently purchased, either via a “flip” or existing home that has either leaking water services, slab leaks or partially collapsed drains. It has been my personal experience that home inspectors usually don’t inspect water mains, assuming that if

Fire Hydrants, Don’t Park There!

I’ve been performing leak detection on a job in Martin, Kentucky where there was a 10,000 gallon/day water leak on a 6″ PVC combined domestic/ fire line, 1,600 feet long. (I’ll talk about how the leak detection went in a different post). We were adding pressure to the system through fire hydrants, which reminded me

Water Leak Not Customer’s Responsibility

This was a project in Delhi where the plumber and the homeowner heard a very distinct water leak sound in the Laundry Room/Mechanical Room. The home was a slab type with partial basement. The water line came up through the slab adjacent to the water heater and furnace, where the water meter was located. The