Cincinnati, Dayton and Northern Kentucky Leak Detection Services

When you have a water main leak, you need fast and intelligent leak detection solutions! In order to reduce the excavation cost and the water line repair, take advantage of our leak detection services. Reliable Leak Detection has the advanced leak detection equipment and training to find water leaks quickly and accurately.

Water Leak Solutions

  • Slab leak detection refers to a slab-on-grade home with a leak. We specialize in finding the leak location and determining the most appropriate solution.
  • Leak Detection service, whether its under your lawn, garden, driveway or parking lot, we’ll find it!
  • In-wall leak detection -Got a difficult leak that you just can’t find? We have the required moisture meter, infrared camera, ultrasound and wall-scope camera equipment to minimize invasive procedures and maximize the accuracy of the location!
  • Water usage reports -Don’t have a leak but need to determine how to save water? We have the engineering resources!
  • Leak Surveys -Have an extensive water system that’s leaking? Call us, with our engineering background and extensive equipment, we can help!
  • Private utility locating -Whether its a water line, gas or electric, we’ll locate it!
  • Radiant heat system leak detection is no problem for us! We utilize ultrasonic listening as well as our infrared camera to determine the location of your radiant heat leak.
  • Insurance Claims -call for assistance on insurance claims. We can perform the leak detection and provide all the information you need for processing your claims.

Why use Reliable Leak Detection?

Quick Response, accurate and reasonably priced!

We’re a locally owned, family operated business.

You’ll receive an approximate leak detection price over the phone.

We use the latest and most advanced leak detection equipment.

A four step process, which includes helium, is performed on every job (where site conditions allow) providing accurate results!

We have been trained, certified and are supported by both independent nationally recognized authorities in leak location and line locating.

What Our Customers Say

5stars The leak was directly under your mark! Thanks for the time and effort you spent! -M Sheper, Taylor Mill, KY

5stars The hydronic heat line leak was one inch away from your ‘X’ location! My plumber and I were very happy. I appreciate how thorough you were! -Lawrence Wheeler, Wyoming, OH

5stars Thank you for your work at Southern Seminary yesterday. By 2:00PM the (35 gpm) leak was fixed and the water was turned on. The leak was right where you marked it and we were able to make quick work of it. -A. Vincent, VP of Operations, SBTS, Louisville, KY

5stars The leak was right where you marked. Good job! -M. Howard, Roto-Rooter -Springdale, OH

5stars Phase one complete, and you were very close to the leak!! …right next to your flag marker. Thanks again! -S. Prather, Hebron, KY

5stars Thank you much! Jolly Plumbing was so impressed with how you were able to locate the leak dead on. It was over 6 feet down and they came out 15 minutes after you left, so we are in good shape. Thanks again! -S.Fields, Union, KY

5stars We were really happy with the slab leak detection you did for us. The locate was very accurate! -Danny at Villages of Wildwood, Fairfield, OH

5stars Bear Plumbing made the fix to our rental property Friday, and I wanted to let you know your “X” was only 5 inches off of the actual leak… Great Job!! The fee was well worth it in the ease of repair as well as the minimal excavation hole and accompanying mess. -Ben Forrester, Beaver Creek, OH

5stars We have been very happy with Reliable Leak Detection, we have used them a few times in the last couple of months and they have been very accurate with the location of the leaks we were searching for. Brandt takes his time and double checks every location, he is honest and professional. Its nice to see someone that cares about the quality of his work as much as we do. We will be using Reliable for all ourleak detection needs in the future.-Jason Herrmann, Herrmann Plumbing -Cincinnati, OH

5stars Had Brandt out to find a leak under a slab. Within 2 hours he had it pinpointed. I will be using RLD from now on! Very nice and professional. -Don McCurry, Drain Patrol

5stars I just wanted to thank you for all of your help. After discovering my existing water line was Blue Max, I decided to replace the whole line. It was much more cost than I wanted to incur at this time, but I think it was worth the investment. I appreciate the advice & efforts you put into my situation. My condo association told me to just repair & forget about. It was your advice that made me look into the Blue Max recall further & decide to put in the new line. I will happily recommend your service to anyone I know that needs it. -Kathy H. Cincinnati, OH

5stars I have a plumbing business in N.KY and Greater Cincinnati and we regularly use Brandt and Reliable Leak Detection to find water leaks. They do a great job. Very reliable and honest company. Thanks! -Brady Jolly, Jolly Plumbing, Wilder, KY.

5stars 5 out of 5 Stars based solely on good business and trustworthy practices. I called today regarding a leak in my front yard and spoke with Brandt. He was very patient and took quite some time listening to my problem and asking specific questions in return. By the end of our phone conversation, Brandt actually told me that his company would not be of much use to me for various reasons, but he would be happy to help me find a good plumber. I was so impressed that he actually turned down business and directed me somewhere else. How many people are that honest these days? (Other leak detection companies I contacted wanted to “assess” the issue for $350). Brandt provided me with a plumber who he promised would offer a fair rate. He told me if for any reason I wasn’t happy with the rate the plumber asked, to call him back and he would be happy to provide other options. Very considerate. Although this company did not perform the work on my home, I will be referring them. When you have honest ownership, satisfaction with the service usually follows.