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We provide quick response and accurate water leak location services for the Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and South East Indiana areas.

Leak Detection Water Meter

satisfaction-guaranteedWhen you have a water main leak, you need fast and intelligent leak detection solutions! In order to reduce the excavation cost for any water main breach, take advantage of our leak detection services. Reliable Leak Detection, LLC, has the advanced equipment and training to find your water leak quickly and accurately.

Why Us?

  • Quick Response, accurate and reasonably priced!
  • You’ll receive an approximate pricing over the phone .
  • We locate your underground water leaks, slab leaks or any hidden water leak.
  • We use the latest and most advanced leak location equipment.
  • Leak location procedures which minimize excavation damage to your property.
  • A 4 step process, which includes helium, will be performed on your job, (where site conditions allow) providing very accurate results!
  • We have been trained, certified and supported by both independent nationally recognized authorities in leak location and line locating.
  • We are certified and insured to provide you with peace of mind.

Water Meter Test

  1. First find your water meter. Most installations have the meter in a crock out in the front yard. Remove the top with an adjustable pliers to expose the meter. Other installations will have the water meter inside with a shut off valve close to the curb outside.
  2. Locate the water supply shut-off valve for your building. It can be indoors or outdoors and is usually located where the water main pipe enters the building foundation. For residences, this is often just under a hose bibb on the exterior. If you don't have an interior shut-off, have one installed as it's critical to have a method to shut water off in case of an emergency!
  3. Turn off all faucets, hose bibs and water using appliances.
  4. water meter testing & locating water meter crock
  5. Note the reading on the water meter. After 30 or more minutes, check to see if the number has changed. If yes, you do have a leak. Now, close off the main shut-off valve inside the home. If your water meter is outside and the indicator stops, the leak is inside the building. If the indicator continues to spin, the leak is outside.
  6. If the leak is inside, check toilets, faucets as well as hose bibs first. Toilets with leaking valves or gaskets and hoses that are left partially on can cause considerable water loss.

Client Ratings

5stars In regards to the service, the experience was pleasant. I liked the fact that you didn't mind having me watch you work and learn what you were doing. I felt you acted in a professional manner and knew what you were talking about. In terms of precision of your find, I was not here when the pipe got fixed, but the hole was where you marked.
-A. Lubbers, Ft. Thomas, KY.
5stars The leak was directly under your mark! Thanks for the time and effort you spent!
-M Sheper, Taylor Mill, KY.
5stars The hydronic heat line leak was one inch away from your ‘X’ location! My plumber and I were very happy. Thanks for your efforts!
-B. Miars, Wyoming, OH
5stars Thank you for your work at Southern Seminary yesterday. By 2:00PM the (35 gpm) leak was fixed and the water was turned on. The leak was right where you marked it and we were able to make quick work of it.
-A. Vincent, VP of Operations, SBTS, Louisville, KY
5stars The leak was right where you marked. Good job!
-M. Howard, Roto-Rooter -Springdale, OH
5stars Phase one complete, and you were very close to the leak!! …right next to your flag marker. Thanks again!
-S. Prather, Hebron, KY
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Our Services

Slab Leak detection

This can be anything from a leak in an on-slab home to a water leak under a large parking lot or side walk.

Leak Detection

Usually in your yard, under lawn or garden – where ever it is, we’ll find it!

Insurance Claims

Call for assistance on insurance claims. We can perform the leak detection and provide all the information you need for processing your claims.

In-wall leak detection

Got a difficult leak that you just can’t find? Call us, we’ll locate it!

Leak Surveys

Have an extensive water system that’s leaking? Call us, with our engineering background and extensive equipment, we’ll get it!

How We Detect Leaks

  1. Locate the water service, when possible (must be copper or wire-traced plastic line) to allow for an accurate pipe location.
  2. Perform ultrasonic listening with the system full of water.
  3. Evacuate the water service water with compressed air. Perform ultrasonic listening during the evacuation process.
  4. After the line is completely evacuated, fill the system with helium inert tracer gas (completely safe) and check the location where the tracer gas is rising with a helium locator.
  5. Drill (for slab jobs), if necessary and/or probe the ground where the marks are located to ensure that water is found, to provide a final indication of an accurate leak detection!

The process of leak detection is effected by the ground type, ie. loose fill, compacted fill, quantity of gravel surrounding pipe, rocky ground, whether the line is submerged in water or not, depth of water service, and water pipe material. In addition, surface conditions also impact the work including lawn, landscape beds, stone walls, concrete slab, gravel and wooded areas.

The accuracy of a leak location is determined by how strong the indicators (items 1-5 above) are. A perfect job is when we can locate the line and get substantial sound differentiation (20 decibels or more) between a specific point and the surrounding pipe as well as have helium rising and water showing on the ground probe, all at the same place.


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