Dayton Leak Detection

Dayton leak detection involving a small cemetery in Centerville with a 1000 ft of 1″ copper water service. The system included four ground hydrants (see pictures below) and a small administrative building with restrooms. The water leak was flowing at 1 gallon /minute. This is considered a large water leak. The first step in the

Cincinnati Leak Detection

This leak detection, in Western Hills, involved a plastic (blue max) 1-1/2″ leaking water service. The water pipe ran 420 ft up a steep hill to a mixed use office/ warehouse building. The water leak was flowing at a rate of 1.5 gallons per minute. The water from the leaking pipe was not surfacing anywhere.

Middletown Water Leak Detection at high school stadium

I received a call for a Middletown Water Leak Detection at a high school stadium where their water leak was losing roughly 1 gallon/minute with no water surfacing. The underground water leak was occurring in an area the size of two football fields. The leaking water pipe started at a water meter crock out by

Emergency Leak Detection for 400 Unit Apartment Complex

Emergency Leak Detection for 400 Unit Apartment Complex

I received a desperate call from the manager of a large apartment community with a huge #pipeleak. She had almost 400 apartments without water due to a huge #waterleak. Her plumber had come out to view the leak and told her she needed #leakdetection and to call #ReliableLeakDetection. #Leakdetection allows for the location of a

Underground Water Pipe Leak Located in Middletown, Ohio

Underground water pipe leak located at a large truck depot in Middletown, Ohio. The 4″ water service leak turned out to be two separate water leaks, losing roughly 10 gallons per minute between the two leaks. There was water rising up through the 12″thick concrete slab in several locations. By using Reliable Leak Detection to

Happy World Toilet Day from your favorite local leak detector

November 19th is World Toilet Day. I remember asking my Grandpa what the most important invention was during his lifetime. He sat back, took a puff on his pipe and said “It sure wasn’t sliced bread!” Then he said “The most important invention that has occurred during my lifetime was the toilet! If you have

Reviews and feedback make my job rewarding!

Every now and then, God sends you someone to brighten your day. Yesterday I had several! The first was William from Northside calling in the morning to tell me that the leak under his basement concrete slab floor was repaired and the leak was directly under my blue ‘X’. In his words, “WOW, You’re the

Three leak detection services, each over 400 ft long in one day

The average length for leak detection services is 50 to 100 ft long. Occasionally I get repeat work, which is becoming more common the longer I’m in business. This past week I received a call from a past leak detection homeowner with a 400 ft. long water supply line. The line developed another water leak

House Water Leak Service in Alexandria, Kentucky

Most of the leak detection I perform involves finding sources of water leaks or slab leaks underground. Occasionally I perform a house water leak service for piping that’s above ground. These involve water leaks occurring from a drain or  domestic water line, with water appearing as far away as 20-30 feet away from the actual

Helium Leak Detection Finds Water Leak in Dayton, Ohio

Helium leak detection was used to find a large water leak at a large office complex in Dayton, Ohio, in a 400 ft long, 6″ schedule 40 steel, insulated hot water line, buried between 5-10 feet. The pipe water leak was rated at 2 gpm and the pipe pressure was normally at 50psi. If the

Centerville, Ohio Hot Water Slab Leak

Here’s a review from a client who had a particularly difficult hot water slab leak: “We had some serious water leaks under our slab house foundation. Moreover, we had another leak detector service and two plumbing companies fail to find our issue before we called Brandt. Brandt conducted a thorough evaluation of our situation and

Fix a Leak Week

For Fix a leak week, try performing a dye test with each of your toilets to ensure that they’re not leaking. If you find a leak, then you can call your local plumber to have them repair it or, if you are a DIY kind of person, replace the flushing mechanisms yourself. Other devices that should