Leak detector finds slab leak at Assisted Living Facility in Florence, KY

I received a call from a maintenance supervisor looking for a leak detector who could find a slab leak at an assisted living facility in Florence, KY. They had sprung a significant water leak under their concrete slab floor. They needed a leak detector to find the water leak so that their plumber could proceed without a lot of needless excavating.

The first step usually involves the steps below this photo. Unfortunately, in the age of COVID-19, I had to get a Covid test, which involved a 8″ long cue tip up in my nose for a sample, then waiting for 20 minutes in the van to make sure the test came back negative. I also had to do triple protective masking to ensure that even if I didn’t have Covids, I wouldn’t be able to pass the Covids that I didn’t have, on to anyone !?!. NOTE: While I am joking around about this situation, I do agree with being Covid-19 compliant! I wear a surgical mask at every job, even when clients tell me I don’t need to wear it. -I’m always concerned about my next client as well as my family and friends!

Covid-19 compliant leak detector!

The first leak detection step involved listening for the leak. I listened at each fixture group throughout the assisted living wing and found three bathrooms where the sound was significantly elevated. After checking sound levels for the water leak at all three bathrooms, I was able to close in on a specific area.

The leaking water line was a 1-1/2″ copper pipe feeding an entire wing of the retirement facility. I second step involved locating the line and its’ branches with an electronic line locating device to provide a “map” of where the line was running, so that once I began the water leak locating phase of the work, I knew I’d be right on top of the leaking pipe.

The next step involved listening through the leaking water pipe system to see if I could get any additional information. I was soon able to find a specific location where I could actually hear the water spraying up against the concrete. It was quite loud, but interesting enough, that sound was four feet over from where I located the line. After running some nitrogen, I was able to narrow the location down and apply a blue ‘X’ to the carpet, indicating the location of the leaking water pipe! Case closed

Slab leak detection marked by the 'X'.
Slab leak detection marked by the ‘X’.

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