Dayton leak detector at condo community

I received a call for a water leak detector for a condo HOA group in Dayton, Ohio. There was a leaking water service for a four unit building which was located 300 ft away from the water meter. Also, the location of where the water service entered the building was unknown, which made leak detection extra challenging. I first attempted to locate the water line with an electro-magnetic line locator to see if I could get any idea where it was running, which would have been a huge help! I assumed that the line was plastic and later found that to be correct. I ran compressed air and, after a period of time was able to find “sound”, using a highly amplified listening device, near the building, entering the building at the middle. I ran helium and the electronic helium detector found it after a few minutes.

The plumber arrived a week later and called me after excavating for a good part of the day, with no luck. He couldn’t even find the water line! I told him to try one foot deeper, but he was down to 5ft and after digging down to 6ft we both agreed that I should return to assist in finding the water line and leak. The following week we met, opened the leaking water service line at the water meter and ran a wire through the water line. I traced the wire and we found that the line was 8ft deep in the area where the leak was detected!! Later in the day he texted me a small video showing that the leak detection was exactly under the blue X and flag.

While very few leak detection /excavation jobs are this difficult, it’s frustrating when jobs don’t go as planned. When challenges do occur, I believe my unique background in engineering (designed plumbing and fire protection for 20 years) and plumbing project management/ estimating for over 5 years, along with 7 years of leak detection, allows me to provide creative solutions to almost any challenge. If you’re looking for a leak detector in Dayton, Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky or SE Indiana call Brandt at Reliable Leak Detection at 513-488-6234.

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