Dayton leak detector at condo community

I received a call for a water leak detector for a condo HOA group in Dayton, Ohio. There was a leaking water service for a four unit building which was located 300 ft away from the water meter. Also, the location of where the water service entered the building was unknown, which made leak detection

Leak Detector finds leak in fire main at training facility

Jim Eckhoff of Eckhoff Plumbing called needing the service of a leak detector for a water leak in a fire main at Colerain Fire Department’s tower training facility. This was a 4″ galvanized water service running from a fire department connection into the fire tower. The leaking water service was also connected to a 3″

Cincinnati sanitary drain leak detection using helium tracer gas

I was called out to a Cincinnati hotel job that was still under construction to perform a sanitary drain leak detection using helium tracer gas. The plumber had a sanitary drain that wouldn’t pass the final pressure test. Unfortunately, the concrete had already been poured, so I needed to hunt down the leak with helium

Leak Detector finds water leak in West Chester, Ohio at Senior Living Center

This leak detection involved what was thought to be a slab leak as the carpets in one of the client’s rooms were soaked. I was very apprehensive due to the COVID-19 pandemic and how the coronavirus is very dangerous for the elderly. While Reliable Leak Detection does everything possible to create a safe working environment,

Reliable Leak Detection -Coronavirus Update

Reliable Leak Detection is still doing leak detection consulting during the COVID-19 outbreak, following guidelines, wearing a face mask and staying minimum 6 ft away from our customers. Using hand sanitizer before and after each leak detection consultation. I am not currently working with anyone on slab leaks who is imuno-compromised except in the case

Leaking Water Line Location in Cleves, Ohio

I was called out to an emergency line location service (as opposed to most of my jobs being leak detection consultations) to help find where a plastic water line ran. After an intense fire had destroyed this building, the water service riser was gushing water where it had melted from the heat of the fire

Dayton Leak Detection

Dayton leak detection involving a small cemetery in Centerville with a 1000 ft of 1″ copper water service. The system included four ground hydrants (see pictures below) and a small administrative building with restrooms. The water leak was flowing at 1 gallon /minute. This is considered a large water leak. The first step in the

Cincinnati Leak Detection

This leak detection, in Western Hills, involved a plastic (blue max) 1-1/2″ leaking water service. The water pipe ran 420 ft up a steep hill to a mixed use office/ warehouse building. The water leak was flowing at a rate of 1.5 gallons per minute. The water from the leaking pipe was not surfacing anywhere.

Middletown Water Leak Detection at high school stadium

I received a call for a Middletown Water Leak Detection at a high school stadium where their water leak was losing roughly 1 gallon/minute with no water surfacing. The underground water leak was occurring in an area the size of two football fields. The leaking water pipe started at a water meter crock out by

Emergency Leak Detection for 400 Unit Apartment Complex

Emergency Leak Detection for 400 Unit Apartment Complex

I received a desperate call from the manager of a large apartment community with a huge #pipeleak. She had almost 400 apartments without water due to a huge #waterleak. Her plumber had come out to view the leak and told her she needed #leakdetection and to call #ReliableLeakDetection. #Leakdetection allows for the location of a

Underground Water Pipe Leak Located in Middletown, Ohio

Underground water pipe leak located at a large truck depot in Middletown, Ohio. The 4″ water service leak turned out to be two separate water leaks, losing roughly 10 gallons per minute between the two leaks. There was water rising up through the 12″thick concrete slab in several locations. By using Reliable Leak Detection to

Happy World Toilet Day from your favorite local leak detector

November 19th is World Toilet Day. I remember asking my Grandpa what the most important invention was during his lifetime. He sat back, took a puff on his pipe and said “It sure wasn’t sliced bread!” Then he said “The most important invention that has occurred during my lifetime was the toilet! If you have