Middletown Water Leak Detection at high school stadium

I received a call for a Middletown Water Leak Detection at a high school stadium where their water leak was losing roughly 1 gallon/minute with no water surfacing. The underground water leak was occurring in an area the size of two football fields. The leaking water pipe started at a water meter crock out by the street, and proceeded to run 300 ft across an open field, then split into two pipe branches running to each side of the stadium. One side (400 ft) had the food service, locker rooms and bathrooms for the home team and the other side (300 ft) bathrooms for visiting teams.

The water leak detection began with tracing the water lines. Whenever possible, especially on large, complex, leak detection jobs, if the line is metallic or plastic with a tracer wire, the first step should be to locate the leaking water line(s). In this case, the water lines were copper and I was able to locate the majority of the length of the pipe.

Unfortunately, the wind that day was very strong, which makes listening with a highly amplified listening device very difficult. Oddly enough, the sound of the air exiting the water pipe leak is similar to wind blowing against the ground microphone, thus making the leak detection a challenge!

Middletown leak detection consultation

According to the plumber on the job the water pipe leak location, which was 4 ft deep, was spot on and saved the City of Middletown a large amount of money. If you have a leaking water pipe in Middletown, Ohio or anywhere in the Cincinnati, Dayton or Northern Kentucky areas, call Reliable Leak Detection at 513-488-6234 to discuss how we can assist you.

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