Leak Detector finds water leak in West Chester, Ohio at Senior Living Center

This leak detection involved what was thought to be a slab leak as the carpets in one of the client’s rooms were soaked. I was very apprehensive due to the COVID-19 pandemic and how the coronavirus is very dangerous for the elderly. While Reliable Leak Detection does everything possible to create a safe working environment, I wasn’t sure how the senior center would assist in prepping the room for my work as well as disinfecting once my work was completed.

As it turned out, the senior living center was VERY organized and was totally prepared for my visit. In order to reduce my walking through the facility and thereby possibly spreading germs, I entered and exited the room, which was on the first floor, through the window

Upon stepping through the window I could tell the carpet in the room was saturated. It was commercial carpet which was glued to the concrete floor beneath. The water from the pipe leak seemed to be coming from an area between two plumbing walls, leading me to believe the leak might not be coming from under the concrete slab after all. The first wall had a shower on the other side and the second wall, which was exterior, had a hose bib.

I viewed both walls with my infrared camera and found the shower wall had moisture accumulating at the base more than the exterior wall. I opened up the base of the wall with a drywall saw and could see two water pipes running down through the floor. I found water dripping from above, and I suspected it was from the shower valve, as occasionally they will leak at the gaskets. I opened the wall at the shower valve and found water dripping, but it was surprisingly from above. After opening another area, I found the leak at the top of a 45 degree elbow, with a tiny amount of water continuously bubbling up at the joint where the solder had failed.

The leak detection case was solved and the senior living center client was really pleased with the results, especially since the floor didn’t need to be jack hammered! I taped up the area to provide the plumber info on where the leak was and texted a picture to their estimator to assist him in communicating all of the necessary information to his plumber who would be doing the work.

If you are in need of a leak detector, call Brandt at Reliable Leak Detection at (513) 488-6234. I promise I’ll take the time to talk to you about your specific situation, and to give you information regarding other contractors if I determine my service isn’t the best for you.

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