Leaking Water Line Location in Cleves, Ohio

I was called out to an emergency line location service (as opposed to most of my jobs being leak detection consultations) to help find where a plastic water line ran. After an intense fire had destroyed this building, the water service riser was gushing water where it had melted from the heat of the fire and the owner was attempting to find the valve crock outside, with no luck. After the plumber spent half a day digging, they decided to have a professional come out and locate the line to it’s termination point, where we would hopefully find the underground valve crock.

Location where plumber had been digging for four hours with no luck

The water was originally spraying 20 ft high and the plumber was able to turn off the 1/2 mile long water main that served the long private drive, but that left the rest of the street without water.

Water riser at exterior wall of burned out building
Leaking water service main, melted from the heat of the intense fire

I ran a fiberglass encased copper wire through the 3/4″ plastic water service and was able to locate the line, using the copper wire and an electromagnetic line location device. The results allowing me to show the owner where the leaking water line was running and assist them in finding the termination point, so they could dig up the valve crock.

Blue line indicates route of water piping leading to valve crock.
Water service ends here!
Valve Crock with notes.

Once the end of the water service line was found, the plumbing excavation contractor was able to quickly expose the valve crock, open it up and turn off the 3/4″ water valve leading to the building. Problem solved! If you need water leak detection or line locating, call Brandt at Reliable Leak Detection at 513-488-6234.






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