Underground Water Pipe Leak Located in Middletown, Ohio

Underground water pipe leak located at a large truck depot in Middletown, Ohio. The 4″ water service leak turned out to be two separate water leaks, losing roughly 10 gallons per minute between the two leaks. There was water rising up through the 12″thick concrete slab in several locations. By using Reliable Leak Detection to find the leaks, the plumber was able to repair the leak in a cost effective manner, saving the trucking company a large amount of money and the making the plumber look great.

The leak detection for this job was particularly difficult due to several issues:

1. The leaking water service was 7 ft deep.

2. The concrete was 12″ thick.

3. It was a windy day. Wind whipping by a ground microphone is hard to distinguish from the sound of a leak.

4. There were trucks constantly driving through the depot near the leaks. Think trucks = vibration = sound = frequent interruptions to leak listening.

The underground water pipe leak detection literally saved the customer thousands of dollars and limited the amount of excavation and concrete removal/repair needed to finish the job.

Leak detection for finding the water leak on this project involved first locating the water service pipe. I was able to connect to the main at the pit and then locate the line. This helps in a huge way because you are not only determining the location of the pipe, but also the depth! The next step is listening along the line of the pipe. One leak was detected near some resting trailers. This leak was very loud and due to numerous challenges with drain pipes, proved to be difficult. The second leak was in the middle of the truck lot and was much quieter, to the point where it was just the opposite of the first leak. It didn’t make much sound and with the wind blowing hard out in the open lot, it made finding the water pipe leak very difficult. The plumber did call and let me know the underground water leak detection work was very accurate.

If you need help with water service leak detection, call Reliable Leak Detection at 513-488-6234. I promised you’ll receive nothing but a friendly, non-sales conversation to determine, first whether or not you need my services, and if you do need leak detection, reasonable and accurate pricing.

Brandt Junker, Owner  Reliable Leak Detection

underground water pipe leak detection

Truck Depot underground water pipe leak detection in open truck lot.

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