Water leak at water park in Mason, Ohio

I was called out to take care of a water leak at a large water park in Mason, Ohio. The specific area that had water leaking was adjacent to a 1/2 mile of 6″water line. The challenge was that the water line was no more than 100 ft away from I-75 and on the other side there was a contractor running a jackhammer! Tough work trying to listen to a water leak with a highly amplified listening device under those circumstances. I explained the difficulties to the owner and set about surveying the lay of the land, looking for clues as to where the leak might be, before starting the listening work. There was water flowing into two catch basins, which frequently happens when substantial water leaks occur, due to the poorly sealed joints between sections of storm pipe and catch basins inlets and outlets. After a short period I noticed there was a yard hydrant near the area where the water was coming from. I checked the yard hydrant with one of my highly amplified listening devices and found it to be screaming like a banshee! Upon further review, it was found that the ground below the hydrant was saturated and that the water leak was found! It made my day that I didn’t need to follow the 1/2 mile water line with all the noisy distractions. The moral of the story is that water leak detection often involves more upfront detective work and less technical listening. The 2nd most important part of water leak locating is following through with the researching every clue you can get. Sound isn’t always a great reason to start digging! Check out “Water Leak Not Customer’s Responsibility” blog for more on that topic!

Water leak at yard hydrant

w Water leak at yard hydrant

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