Reviews and feedback make my job rewarding!

Every now and then, God sends you someone to brighten your day. Yesterday I had several! The first was William from Northside calling in the morning to tell me that the leak under his basement concrete slab floor was repaired and the leak was directly under my blue ‘X’. In his words, “WOW, You’re the Man!” The second was a review from Mike in Lebanon: “Brandt did a great job, found a leak on a main waterline that is over 300 ft long. The pipe had a split in the seam not even 1/8 inch long. Saved me a lot of time and money not having to break up all the concrete to find it myself.” The third was late yesterday from a gentleman in Cincinnati who I talked to on the phone. We had two in-depth conversations regarding what he should do with his water service. Most people benefit from leak detection, every once in a while I find someone who really needs to replace their entire line. He appreciated my honesty and wrote a nice Google review: “After talking to the owner of Reliable Leak Detection a couple of times and listening to his advice, I decided to go ahead and replace my water line even though Brandt did not make one penny from my inquiry or decision to replace the line. That was very kind and the practice of an honest business person. I highly recommend Reliable Leak Detection.” I thank God every day for allowing me to run my own business and for all my great clients and some folks who I’ll never meet, but get the opportunity to help.

Leak Detection In Lebanon, Ohio

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